Scarcity of bitterness.

The biggest decisions of your life will be made within a very few seconds. You won’t realize the impact those decisions will have on your life right away. Somewhere between 3 to 5 seconds. That’s all it will take for you to turn a joy ride into a trainwreck or vice versa. It could be something small, like choosing a corner store for a drink rather than going to a gas station. It could be something big like ripping up a scholarship offer and tossing it out without even thinking about it, but it will be there. You just never know what sort of consequences, after effects, or causatum that one small decision will have on your life. In some cases, you never even get to revisit those moments.

Life, for me, has always been defined by those moments. My worse and best decisions were made under those circumstances. One of those decisions was me choosing to travel back to my country of birth, Pakistan, to attain knowledge in the field of Medicine. Whether that choice was for better or worse, only time will tell. The things I experienced as a medical student were far undermined by those experienced as an American in Pakistan. With this collection of abstract musings, I intend to document those ventures and contingencies in hopes that perhaps one day, they will be of some use to someone.

I am now three years deep into that environment (and low on supplies). Two and half years into medical school (a five year commitment). This year I decided to visit the land of the free to reunite with friends and family. This trip has been nothing less than eye opening. Only now do I realize, how oblivious I was to everything before I had left. Not only oblivious, I was ignorant. Not ignorant in the sense of being biased, or prejudiced but rather unaware. Not unaware as in lacking knowledge, but rather choosing not to learn about things that would prove to be detrimental to my bliss. Afterall, ignorance is the true bliss. Isn’t it? The lack of truth. The scarcity of bitterness.


4 thoughts on “Scarcity of bitterness.

  1. You have written such a wonderful article. I agree with you. After reading this, I feel like i dictated all this to you. You are very right in describing how the little things we do in our daily life can have an impact on such major aspects…same things happened with me. The way I am today or where I am standing today, I could have never even thought of it five years ago. My life was totally different. Making friends, wasting a single night without studying…meeting someone only once can change your enitre life so much. I never believed it, but this is true. It happens. I am looking forward to reading more of your articles. Keep writing.
    Best Regards,
    Murium Ghafoor

  2. Intriguing post…As a pakistani who has moved back to do just the same as you, to study medicine, I shall certainly be reading your posts in the future.

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