Visiting vs. staying in, Pakistan.

Oh yeah, the difference is appreciable to say the least. I have spent my adolesence, my teens and some of my adulthood (excuse the overweening) in New York, without even as much as a single visit back to motherland. The phenomenon I am about to give an account of however was derived from personal observations.

Most American-Pakistanis who have visited Pakistan will agree that you’re treated nothing short of royalty when you’re there. People are always surrounding you, making sure all your needs are catered to. A driver is assigned to attend to your travel requirements, along with a car. The pantry and the fridge is always overstacked with foods for the entire length of your stay. Most of the time you don’t even eat at home. A visit to the most expensive restaurant is warranted almost 3 to 4 times a week. If it’s not a restaurant then you’ll be invited to someone’s house. Their ulterior motives aside, people really do suck up beyond all belief. They want you to know that you’re a perfect human being and all those little pecularities, the little annoyances you seemed to find in the mirror begin to diminish.

You, the selfish bastard you are, never miss an opportunity to take advantage of their hospitality either. I mean sure, as a rule of thumb you have to turn down every offer at least once or twice to show how modest & humble are. Meanwhile, deep inside the little hypocrite can’t wait to exploit those people’s innocence (or cunningness).

Oh and how it sucks to leave. It makes you want to cry. To think of returning to the land of equal opporunity? Right? Where you can’t have servants to mistreat. Where you can’t feel superior to people for no logical reason. Where you have to go to work and contribute to society in order to be appreciated. Don’t you wish your stay could be extended to permenance? Don’t you wish you could just stay forever? If you do, I suggest you reconsider.

Forget experiencing even the slightest bit of hospitality. They can’t buy all that fruit & bottled water for that amount of time. Are you out of your mind? You can forget about the restaurants too, what if you get too used to it? They don’t want to start a tradition they can’t carry on. The pantry will probably be understocked to make sure you don’t rely on them to feed you. You will never amount to anything worthy and it doesn’t matter if you’re the envy of the masses. You will be just another Pakistani. Just another one of the hundred and seventy seven million people dawdling through their lives.

Now I feel like I’m just communing my personal hatred towards not being treated like a royalty. Meh.


One thought on “Visiting vs. staying in, Pakistan.

  1. Interesting observations. I think what you say is very true, but recently is becoming less so, due to the increasing numbers of people going abroad as well as returning to the motherland.

    As a pakistani who has recently moved back, I found that upon an extended stay the novelty and “being treated like royalty” wears off.

    Personally, even when I was just a visitor, I would prefer to be treated equal with the rest of the family etc. You learn a lot more of your culture, language and the way of living that way. Nice post, by the way.

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