So it begins…

Or has this been going on for a while? Was I just too oblivious to notice? Well, some may want to argue that this has been going on since the advent of humanity itself but so was incest and well, we don’t do that anymore. Do we? Do you? What am I talking about?

Here’s the employment ad from a large Australian supermarket chain called Coles. Funny enough, the ad appeared on Gumtree’s website, which is a UK based advertisement agency. It’s like the American Craigslist or a Pakistani OLX. Anyways, take a look.


Discrimination, evidently, is what I was referring to.

So in the fallout of this event, Coles has made an apology and reassured their customers that the ad was placed by a “third” party advertiser. Also, Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks said she wanted to track down the cleaning contractor to pursue possible legal action (hah), and now the Asians which make up 7% of the Australian population (compared to the 4.4% in America) are somewhat relaxed.

Asians are a creature of habit. When you do them wrong, they sit at home, bitch and moan, forget about it the next day. Take Pakistan for example. The amount of foreign aid transferred to the Pakistani Treasury in cash (not including supplies, materials and raw materials) over the last 10 years is a whopping $8.647 billion. The average middle class citizen is NOT AWARE of this information. No one ever asks where the money goes from there. Back on the topic, Asians are just too busy feeding their families and talking about people behind their backs. I never expected them to stand up for themselves, I never will.

I also never expected much of big corporations anywhere. Coles is owned by Wesfarmers, Australia’s largest corporation since 2006 when they took over Coles. A corporation only cares about the money there is to be made, if they have to break the law (or break the hearts) and pay a relatively small fine, they will go ahead and do it. The entire marketing department can’t be held responsible for the actions of that one racist bigot who drew the ad up, and of course the man who proofread it was just having a bad day too. The ad costs £14.95 for 60 days and whoever signed off on that transaction can’t be held responsible either, right?

Well, I’m not for the manufactured hysteria that surrounds such events, but this had me wondering:

How many times during a day, is a white man reminded that he is white? How many times during the week does he have to remember that someone, somewhere in his country of birth, does not welcome him or his family because of something that he can not change?

Ruminate on that for a while.



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