Bluetooth is the answer.

To what?

Pretty much all the hatred in the world. Here is how:

Root of All Hatred

The root of all hatred, in my opinion, is ignorance. Unawareness, inevitably deterring our ability to understand why someone is the way he is. This doesn’t apply only to nations or races, we may stumble upon these issues right at home. Like that time when your father told you not to wear that one certain outfit, or that other time when your mother was going haywire over your haircut? It happens. It upsets you and you feel that intense disliking for your parents, even if it’s only for that single moment. How could they be so dumb? Right?

As logic would have it, someone more educated than you (not always the case, but lets just say so for arguments sake), someone older than you, and someone with much more real world experience than you, should be a lot wiser (if not smarter) than you! Then why is it that you are inclined to believe that your parents are fools? Truth is hard to swallow, but it’s because you have failed to understand them, even if only for that moment.

Their frame of reference is beyond your grasp for now but eventually, you’ll come to understand why they did what they did or said what they said. It doesn’t mean that you’ll agree with it but you will understand it. At that moment, you will develop a soft corner for them. Magically, it will become easier to tolerate them. You might even start liking them, who knows?

Anyways, coming back to the topic, our inability to understand a certain ideology will eventually make us hate it.

This is where Bluetooth comes in.

I hope you weren’t thinking about the bluetooth in your cell phones and mobile devices. Well, it does sort of relate.

The Bluetooth I was speaking of was King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormssonafter which the mobile technology we all use was named. This man, back then the King of Denmark and Norway, was known for unifying warring tribes from Denmark (including Scania, present-day Sweden, where the Bluetooth technology was invented by Ericsson), and Norway. As Wikipedia states it, he had this ability to make “diverse factions communicate with each other”. How he did it is an intriguing mystery and I am looking for a book (your suggestions are welcome) that would highlight that quality of his, but the fact that we lack that factor in our leaders now is why we can’t seem to get along.

If only you could sit down and make time to communicate, and really find out why someone is acting the way they are. Some people like to sit down and talk to themselves about it. Why did my parents do this to me? This sort of introspection usually leads to self-fulfilling arguments against the person you dislike. “They’re morons. They don’t know anything about life.” for example.


Why do Muslims hate us? (The question I’ve heard many, MANY times).

-They blew up the world trade center (did they?).
-They hate our freedom (this is my favorite one).
-They hate Christianity & Jesus. (We don’t. He was mentioned in the Quran 25 times, compared to prophet Muhammad, 4 times.)

The truth is, Muslims don’t hate America any more than Europeans hate America. If you weren’t aware, WE (yeah I’m a citizen, I can say that) AMERICANS are pretty notorious worldwide. Our government has pretty much made us the rich jocks on the street who don’t play well with anybody else. We have the fast cars and we drive by really fast sometimes, pissing off our neighbors & endangering their children’s lives. Yes, people do envy us and it should make sense. We also help our neighbors and other people on the street when it’s in our best interest. We’re the shit. We take care of our people. The blue passport? I can’t tell you how much they love seeing it at international airports.

There was a man at the Malpensa Airport in Milan who was constantly talking shit about Americans from the minute he saw the blue passport. Similarly, while the average Pakistani/Indian labor was being sidelined in Dubai, I was being escorted by a suited protocol down the aisle and past the lines! All because of my blue passport. Security cameras are my witness, I didn’t have to utter a word. The Arabs love seeing a blue passport, no matter what you’ve heard.

Point being, that it’s not just the Muslims that hate us. Also, their are 2.6 million Muslims in America (as of 2010) and I assure you that you can’t live in this country and hate it. You may say so but, you will learn to love it once you have to leave it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. America is still the most tolerant country on earth. It is the melting pot of all cultures. America was built by immigrants, and all that. Cliché, I know.


Why do Americans hate us?

Most Pakistani’s ask that question, or different variations of it.

If you are a Pakistani and think the Americans hate you, you’re an idiot.

The truth is, America was the first country to send aid in all forms after the 2010 floods. $1.1 billion (104,153,500,000 in Pakistani rupees) in cold hard cash, 56,000 ready meals, vehicles, helicopters and aid workers. Probably way more than Pakistan could muster up from all the countries in the world combined. Don’t believe me? Click right here, see for yourself. Not to mention all the private and corporate AMERICAN organizations that stepped in to help. USAID, heard of them?

It would have made sense to let someone you hate just drown.

Do you know what happened to all that money? We all heard the stories of flood victims receiving only 5000 rupees (53 dollars?) per family, didn’t we? How about that one story where one of the politicians was selling relief blankets out of his basement at market price? I wish I could find the links right now.

America has been there time and time again, watching your back and trying to help you up on your feet. America, as a matter of fact, has given away so much money that we might be permanently handicapped. Our leaders are like those dogs who became too used to being fed for every good deed, whether or not it was in the Nation’s best interest.

So, that was my take on why we hate each other & why we shouldn’t. I’m not exactly Bluetooth, but I’m always trying to give Americans and Muslims someone they can sit down and talk with. Maybe try to diminish some misunderstandings and see if we can get along. The less we focus on attacking each other, the more we can focus on actual progress.

Imagine all that military funding going towards cancer research.


2 thoughts on “Bluetooth is the answer.

  1. Nice article and obviously nice thoughts. I hope one day, not everyone but at least most of the people will start thinking the same way. They start understanding each other and this world will be full of love and smiles. 🙂

  2. Loved your thoughts in this blog.
    But on another note, we can’t just fall-in-love with America just because they provide us with funds (which are misused in our country anyway, thanks to our leaders) and give us aid, now can we? They were there helping us in the hard times, but they’ve got their own interests no? We can’t just ignore all the drone attacks where thousands of innocent lives are attacked day in and day out. Then how can one expect the other not to ask this simple question : Why do Pakistanis hate us? And vice versa.
    Hope you get my point 🙂

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