Trust & Pixie Dust

If you show me a person you can trust, I will show you one that has the potential to rock your world & change your life forever. 

I had the best time studying philosophy when I did. Among some of the greatest minds I was exposed to, was one of Friedrich Nietzsche. Although criticized, as well as upheld, for his remarkably cynical outlook on everything; this man was saying things I was thinking way before I studied him. If I had to choose my favorite Nietzsche quote, it would be this:

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t trust you.” 

Here’s a fair warning: This may start to sound like a personal rant at anytime, which is fine, because this is how I vent sometimes. 

I will never say that I have never lied to anyone but I sure as hell never made the promise to always tell the truth and then broke it. Over time, the list of people you can trust will only shrink. If it’s growing, you haven’t been hit in the face with the brick of reality yet. You will though. If your list of people you can trust is growing, that brick is only getting closer & harder to dodge. To me, relationships have always been based on trust. The only question is, that if a person lies to you once, can they ever be trusted again to always tell the truth?

Hell no.

Why would you do that? What guarantees that they will tell the truth next time? 

Anytime you begin to develop that sort of trust with someone, you might as well start believing in pixie dust too.


3 thoughts on “Trust & Pixie Dust

  1. I agree to this to some extent, but what if the person gives his/her reasons and you know, just like that you actually give them the second chance, worthy of your trust? It can be hard and sounds a little ‘oh-hell-no’ type, but one more/last chance? Depends more on the situations though..

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