Whoa time…

Slow down.

You’re going by too fast.

Cliché, I know, but I can’t seem to catch up at all.

I remember when I was a kid, ten years old, just waiting to grow up already. Anxious for time to pass by so I could be 20 years old and know it all. I thought I would have life figured out. All these damn 20 year olds walked around like they did! It wasn’t my fault. I wish an adult had sat down with me and told me a few things.

1. Being an adult is not as empowering as it seems.

2. We do not have it all figured out yet.

3. We are more confused now than we were at the age of seven.

4. Time is slow now, but it only gets faster as you grow older.

5. These days will never come back.

Granted that I would have never listened anyways. Now that I come to think of it, every now and then a wound up adult would come up to me. In his pent-up frustration, he would say something to that effect. It didn’t matter, I was too busy thinking about my action figures.

As the old aphorism goes, time waits for no man. It shall move right on without me whether I’m ready or not.

This will be my last week at home. A lot of sentiments that need to be penned down and emancipated.

This vacation was just as eye-opening an experience as being in Pakistan for the last three years. It probably wouldn’t have been so hard, had I not surrounded myself with so much negativity. It would have been easier if I had at least visited Pakistan a few times before shifting. I hadn’t been here in 11 years before suddenly relocating. I’m just hoping for the next two and a half years to go by just as fast as the last three went. Nothing is guaranteed though. Time is a man-made concept and it’s passing speed varies by the individual himself.

As we’ve all come to experience at least once in our lives:

How long a minute really is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.


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