13 new resolutions to live by.

“Can I get some coffee please?”

*Receives coffee*

“Thank you.”

Yes, I like to pretend things sometimes. I just pretended to order some coffee and receive it right away from my imaginary butler. I’m also going to pretend that making a new set of resolutions and following through on them, starting September 16th, will make things better for a few years to come.

Anyways, this post is for all the people who have a hard time dealing with life sometimes. It’s for the rest of the people because you can always learn something new from someone new. So, here we go, in Spanish:

Resolución número uno: Learn a new language.

Yes, I took about 5 years of Spanish in School and I had a great time. The first two years were easy, we sang the alphabet and played language games but starting with Spanish 3 and moving onto college level Spanish was intellectually challenging. The truth is that I forgot most of it now, as did many of my peers who didn’t practice it regularly I’m sure. Learning a new language is serious cerebral stimulation and helps you keep your mind broad and open. You realize everyday that there are worlds outside of your’s. So, I haven’t decided yet but it’ll be either French or Italian. Most likely french. I have the CD’s+Workbooks for it and it seemed like a lot of fun the first time I tried last year.

Resolución número dos: Stay positive.

This one seems easy right? Seems like something you would do every day anyways. Well, wrong. It was the most difficult thing to do in Pakistan. I was a negative nelly about EVERYTHING. I was negative towards people, towards situations, towards outcomes of my actions. I had no hope. This time, It’ll be different. I will make sure I say “No” to NOTHING. Everything will be a yes. Unless it’s a negative activity, of course. I will be positive towards outcomes, I will be positive towards people, and I will expect positive behavior from the universe in general. I will also update my readers on how that turns out for me on a weekly basis.

Resolución número tres: Stay out of arguments.

This relates to number two. This will be specially hard since elections are coming up in both Pakistan and America, and since this was the topic of discussion with my best buddies about 80% of the time, but I’ll deal with it. If you have come to my place and you want to discuss politics, religion, ethics, traditions, and cultures, you can GTFO. If I come to your’s and you start, then I shall do the same. I will also try my best to stay off that topic on my blog but we all need to vent sometimes, so no promises.

Resolución número cuatro: Surround myself with open-minded people.

This is the single most difficult thing I have had to deal with in Pakistan. Open-mindedness is not a trait held commendable by most of my classmates. I try to stick to the ones who are open-minded though. Also, the extended family that I associate with finds being open-minded an act of the devil. I can’t stand being rude to them or ignoring them because it will only make things worse, plus it’ll leave a guilty mark on my conscience. I hate to sound pretentious, no matter what the case is. Anyhow, I will find a way to deal with this. I am going to try and spend the least amount of time possible with people who like sticking to their “old-ways”.

Resolución número cinco: Get involved.

No better way to feel good about yourself than to make someone else’s life easier. I’ve been trying my hardest to get involved with non-profit organizations that need volunteers or any sort of help I can offer. TCF has been at the top of my list and I’m proud to say that I’m also pursuing an opportunity to teach children over Skype, in areas where human resource isn’t quite accessible. I think it’ll be a wonderful experience and a great way to give back to the society that gave me an opportunity to study medicine. I just wish I can make time between now and the prof. this December. Baby steps. I’ll run with it once I get walking. You should too!

Resolución número seis: Get organized.

I don’t know how I plan to do that. I’m pretty organized already. Like, I know where to find what I need; who doesn’t? I guess what I mean is that I need a schedule. Not really one of those damn “time-tables” people make in this country but I need to start practicing punctuality. I need to sleep on time, wake up on time, and definitely eat on time. I remember waking up at 4AM to eat dinner and skipping lunch because I ate breakfast at 12PM and an unhealthy, afternoon snack at 4pm. That sort of behavior will land you in the diabetes clinic by the age of 40. I need to organize my daily and weekly activities. I need a laundry day, a grocery day, and a maintenance day for my bike & my apartment. Specially need to carve out time for my books, which is next.

Resolución número siete: Two hours a day, keeps the supply away.

It’s as simple as that. Just give two hours to my books every day. This is something I should be doing anyways but there are days when I don’t study at all and days when I study all day long to cram all the material so I can get by on the exam. If I can somehow manage to carve out two to three hours every day, I think I can avoid the test-anxiety and cramming sessions that lead to starvation, frustration and disorganization.

Resolución número ocho: ONTAD

One Nice Thing A Day, damnit. Do one nice thing every day. This idea, actually, my fiancee came up with a long time ago. My head was in clouds with exams and other issues probably but after clearing up my mind these past 2 months, I’ve realized that this is incredible. It can be anything. Give food (not money) to a peddler. Pay for some poor mans groceries. Pick up a piece of garbage from the street. Ask your neighbor if he or she would like to join you for dinner. ANYTHING that you consider to be a nice gesture. Just do one each day and write it down. I’ll be sure to do that on my blog right here and I’d love to hear what you did each day too!

Resolución número nueve: Take care of me self!

This is sort of emasculating but it’s necessary. Actually another one that my fiancee came up with a while ago but I’m sure she would deny this to my face. “OMG I NEVER SAID THAT!” Yeah right, kitten. Anyways, I’m going to invest in manmetics: the manly cosmetics. I’m going to work out at least 5 days a week and I’m NOT putting anything synthetic & sweet in my diet.  I’m going to eat healthy! I’m going to avoid unhealthy habits & activities. I bought me a manmetic today and I’m proud of it. Not really but let’s just say so for my self-esteem’s sake.

Resolución número diez: Thirsty Thursdays

It refers to something completely different in America, and most other parts of the worlds. Since I’m not planning on touching any alcohol, I plan on trying a new drink every Thursday. Anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just anything I haven’t tried before. I’ll go to the store and look for it. I’ll pick up the most expensive thing even if that means no food for the weekend but I will try something new to drink every single Thursday. I’ll make juices out of vegetables and squeeze anything that’s halal till it is liquified into a juice and I will drink it. When I run out of normal foods, I will mix them. I will mix coke with milk and I will mix tomato juice in banana shake. I will not, however, get food poisoning. I will also, keep you updated right here if you’re ever interested.

Resolución número once: Foodie Fridays

Similar to number ten, just replace the drinks with foods. I will try a new food/fruit/dish every Friday. Same rules apply. As long as it’s halal, and edible, I shall eat it. This one I’m really looking forward to because I’ve always been fond of eating. I lost a lot of weight and became this scrawny little kid because I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite interest. Not anymore. Your suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.

Resolución número doce: Satisfaction Saturdays

This one sounds ridiculous but wait until you hear the idea. Ready? I’m going to find something to be incredibly thankful for every Saturday. I know we should be thankful every day, 5 times a day, but how well is that working out for you? Consider this. Every Saturday, you wake up, and you think of ONE thing that you just couldn’t be without. It could be something materialistic too because there is nothing shallow about being thankful for material things. It could be your own pinky toe, that you wouldn’t be able to stand up straight without. Anything small, anything big, just something to pick and be thankful about all of Saturday. Think about how different your life would be without it and just appreciate it’s existence all day long. No repeats please.

Resolución número trece: Scary Sundays

This one is fun and the one I’m most likely to not do. Find something that scares you and do it on Sunday. Now it has to be something that you do for yourself! You can’t have your friends telling you to jump off of a cliff or else you won’t have a scary Sunday. It could be something simple like, walking into a dark room alone. I have fears of being bit by a dog so I’m planning on seeing how it works out when I walk by a pack of them next Sunday. This should really help me appreciate being alive on the Monday after. I’m also afraid of heights so, maybe I’ll go sit on a ferris wheel or something.


Well, that concludes my list of resolutions for the time being. Bid adieu to the old you, and say hello to a new you! Give yourself a hug. Feel free to take this list, edit it any way you want, and follow through on your own set of resolutions to make your life a little less difficult. Your comments and ideas are always welcome.


4 thoughts on “13 new resolutions to live by.

  1. OMG! I think I need to apply all of these in my life. You can be a very good guru in solving people’s issues.

    Where are you teaching? Can anyone else volunteer too and whats the procedure.

    Oh, try kashmiri tea (with salt and not sugar) if you really wish to experience a totally different drink.
    And, hey, you can start a foodie blog too.Inwhich you write the recipies of all the junkie.

  2. Well, I love the top 12 resolutions…I didn’t like the last one. Please don’t do it. 😦 I will be very sad.
    Take care of me self! I would have definitelu said " OMG I didn't say that" but i do remember discussing this with you once upon a time.
    Best of luck 🙂
    I hope you follow all of them (except the last one).

    P.S. i will follow 10/13 resolutions. 🙂 I excluded( 1,7 and 13)

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