Med student: One leg in fourth year, one leg in bed.

Two months away from finals, the insomnia starts to creep its way into my nights.

Nights are a peaceful time for someone living in a commercial area, on the main road. Traffic dies down and the welding neighbor goes home to his wife and kids. The sunlight is too damn bright in this region of the world and that stops being a problem at night. Phone stops ringing, people stop hammering at your metal door, you don’t have to worry about doing dishes, or cooking, or eating. You have the perfect excuse to put every chore and errand off until tomorrow because, well, it’s 4 in the morning! EVERYTHING can wait. 

It’s just so peaceful! It’s the perfect time to stay up and study, or watch a movie, or get blitzed, or eat pomegranates…whatever your vice is. 

Personally, if I’m not studying or writing this blog, I like to think about how wonderful of a choice doing medicine in Pakistan was. As illustrated below:

banging head on wall

Me contemplating my career choice

Recently, our professor of forensic medicine revealed the only criteria we will be graded upon come finals time:

1. Behavior.

2. Attendance.

Since I like staying awake at night and catching up on sleep in and/or during classes, this becomes a problem.

Every time I go to attend his lectures, which by the way are now delivered directly and ONLY to me out of the 100 students present in the lecture hall, this is how I look.

asleep in class gif

Great for torticollis.

Below is how I think I look:

cozy nap

just minding my own business…

and yet this is how my professor perceives me:

tossing and turning gif

A distraction to other students.


Is it really that distracting?

Just let me be. I learn better outside the lecture hall.

So, this is where I stand.

I’m two months away from entering fourth year and I can’t seem to change my habit of staying up at night.

The professor is notorious for failing students on a whim. All king shits of turd mountains here are.

Coffee, lets elope.

Here’s a tater for the hater.











7 thoughts on “Med student: One leg in fourth year, one leg in bed.

  1. Lol i can totally understand. Don’t worry boy. You will be alright. Reading your blog while drinking tea, adds so much happiness in my life. I always read your post. But it seems like eid when its new one 🙂

  2. I am a ferocious late nighter, and I actually spent a week straight without sleep. My brain just would not shut off! Eventually, I sought help. Meditation seemed like it would make a very keen solution, but where does one even start with that!? So many different techniques… tell you what I did, I invented my own. I call it,

    The Zero Point Meditation:

    Realize that your thoughts are ripples of stress in your mind, and when you have too many thoughts on your mind, it can feel like you are flexing a muscle. Relax that muscle!
    Start off by recognizing your furrowed brow, and slowly, let the calmness dissolve your pain.

    Once you do, you will realize that you have no thoughts.


  3. I hear you, man. 8 days till prof and daytimes feel like shit; they just fly by. I look up to you somewhat, and you’ve made it this far. I have no doubt that you’ll continue to succeed, inshaAllah.

  4. Wait till final year, sleep? Yeah RIGHT! Haha! The doctors rip you apart for not knowing the dosage correctly. You constantly get, ‘A doctor in three months and don’t know this?!’. Infront of you assigned patients. Yes. Its humiliation unlimited. Forget sleep, get a coffee I.V, better yet, intrathecal!

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