A million dollar idea

Are you sick of all the bad music going around?
(Well, you shouldn’t be. You should only be concerned with what you like. Another’s preference in music is not your choice to make.)

How about the bad haircuts?

And I’m sure most female readers can relate to the fashion trends?
(You’ll have to excuse me. I’m too oblivious to provide specific examples of what women are wearing.)

Sandals and socks, anyone?

Perhaps a visit to this post will add a desirable note of specificity to our topic.

Think of the trend you hate the most. Anything. Justin Bieber, One Direction, the hipster frames, converse shoes, baggy jeans, YOLO. Anything! Now what if I was to tell you that a small monetary contribution could escort your least favorite trend into the pits of obsoletion? Would you dig deep in your pockets for a little change? How deep?

Here’s the idea:
We will have dedicated trend-unsetters peddling the streets, engaging in undesirable behavior while promoting specific trends so people would develop a natural repulsion to the aforecited fads.

With the exception of YOLO, because most of those people do something stupid before or after the exclamation anyways.



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