About a friend of mine…

No one celebrates my victories like her and no one knows how to handle my failures the way she does.

She roots for my independence, demands self sufficiency, but never closes the doors to the safest harbor I know.

She has only given me responsibilities I can handle, and instilled within me the desire to honor them.

She taught me the value of respecting others, and how to earn my own.

She is demanding, but she never demanded perfection.

She has always been behind me, supporting me in everything I do and gently pulling me away from everything I shouldn’t, and praying either way for my safety and well being.

She has managed to fill my bucket of self esteem so high, that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes in it to drain it dry.

She is irreplaceable.

In the words of old Abe, all that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it to my angel mother.

Mango's Mama

Happy birthday Mama! As a child I was always afraid that she would get old and stop running around with me, the way that her mother did. I used to pray that she never gets old, and I swear on everything, she didn’t.


9 thoughts on “About a friend of mine…

    We all love you so much 🙂
    You mean to us more than you can imagine.
    And yes, Hassan is absolutely right about everything! Specially the “she never gets old” part. 🙂
    May GOD bless you always (AMIN)
    Wish you health, wealth and so much happiness 🙂

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